Oak and leather menu boards

Oak and leather menu boards

Homefield Grange is a luxury health and wellness retreat. They wanted oak and leather menu boards for their spa treatments and  commissioned Caroline from Butterscotch Design to design something special. She got in touch to ask if I could make and assemble the boards for them.

What the customer wanted

Caroline said that her customer was looking for oak boards with a leather cover that would sit over the paper menu. The wood, paper and leather would be held in place with a metal plate.

Caroline specified the size and thickness of the boards. She also wanted each one to have a waney edge  on one side. Waney edges are from the barked edge of the log which is never straight. They make each piece individual and even more tactile.

Homefield Grange’s logo was to be engraved on the backs of the oak boards. Related artwork around the flower design was to be engraved on the leather cover too.

I explained to Caroline that I could do the engravings and cut the leather pieces, but I’d need to work with a furniture maker to create and assemble the boards. Caroline agreed, and Kirsty of  SK Furniture Design came on board.

Measure twice, cut once!

First, Caroline wanted some samples for Homefield Grange to approve. They weren’t sure how the engraved leather would look and wanted to see how the boards would look when engraved too. Would the detail look clear?

Oak boards

Kirsty created sample boards and sourced and painted the metal clips.  I engraved the boards with Homefield Grange’s logo. The tiny flower in the middle was a challenge as it was so tiny and detailed. I slowed the machine down to get good resolution on all the detail and it worked perfectly.

Then Kirsty gave the boards a final sand to remove the discolouration around the engravings and finished the boards to protect the wood and bring out the beauty of the grain.

Leather covers

Caroline wanted a larger but very intricate flower design engraved on the leather. We experimented with raster and vector engraving as they look very different. Caroline and her customer chose raster engraving as it looked softer, and all the detail  came up nicely without cutting through the leather in places on the back in areas where details overlapped. The picture below is a close up of some of the engraved detail.

Caroline sourced some leather in a lovely asparagus colour.  She had a whole hide sent to me to cut the pieces from! It was much bigger than the machine, but I managed to roll up one edge to make it fit.

When they were finished, Kirsty assembled each board with its leather cover and clip. We felt so proud of our beautiful boards.

Seal of approval

Caroline loved the results and said that they were very well received at Homefield Grange. Another happy customer!


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