Materials we work with

We can achieve good results with the materials listed below. Please note that we can't cut metal but we can engrave some kinds.

We can't laser cut or engrave PVC or teflon for health and safety reasons. Acid gases are evolved that corrode the machine and damage the environment.

materials we work with
Laser cut plywood cogs for Old School Fabrications

Suitable for lasercutting and engraving

  1. Hardwood (cut up to 9mm)
  2. Softwood (cut up to 9mm)
  3. Plywood (cut up to 9mm)
  4. MDF (cut up to 9mm)
  5. Formica
  6. Paper
  7. Card(board) - all thicknesses
  8. Fabric
  9. Perspex/acrylic (cut up to 10mm)
  10. Polypropylene 0.5 - 0.8mm 
  11. Polypropylene 2 - 3mm 
  12. Styrene (HIPS)
  13. ABS
  14. Leather
  15. Rubber
  16. Mylar and laser acetate
  17. Closed cell foam
  18. Self adhesive rubber for sand blasting
  19. Polarising films
Branding slate coasters
Fife Chamber of Commerce's slate coasters with laser engraved logo

Suitable for laser engraving

  1. Slate
  2. Glass
  3. Marble
  4. Stone
  5. Carbon fibre
  6. Anodised aluminium
  7. Titanium
  8. Delrin
  9. Leather
  10. Wood and mdf. Thickness not an issue
  11. Paper
  12. Card(board)
  13. Fabric
  14. Perspex/acrylic. Thickness not an issue
  15. Rubber
  16. Perspex/acrylic
branding stainless steel cocktail keys
Panch laser engraved stainless steel cocktail keys

Metal marking using Thermark

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Chrome

Engraving without Thermark

  1. Anodised aluminium
  2. Titanium


Please note that we can't laser cut metal, but we can engrave some types.