Sarah Peterson Design’s geometric clocks

Sarah Peterson Design's geometric clocks

Sarah decided that she wanted to create some colourful geometric clocks to sell in her furniture restoration shop in Perth, Sarah’s Attic.

She needed shapes for the clock faces and supplementary shapes to decorate them with, but couldn’t make them herself. Sarah wondered if I could make them from 4mm mdf for her and she would paint and assemble them in her workshop.

Experimenting with clock prototypes

Sarah settled on three basic clock face shapes – square, round and oblong – and she sent pdf artwork files for each shape.  Another pdf file contained the smaller shapes for decoration including triangles, rectangles and semi circles.

Initially, I cut a sheet of each file and sent them to Sarah to make some prototype designs with.

It wasn’t long before Sarah was experimenting with all the clock shapes and posting some photos on Instagram. She has an amazing eye for colour, and the layered 4mm thick shapes added 3D interest. Sarah has a reputation amongst her customers for great colour combinations that have a real sense of fun.

Square clock
Square clock

Making new products

It’s always tricky deciding what new products will appeal most to customers, and estimating how many you can sell. Making prototypes helped Sarah get a feel for how they’d look and cost, and that helped her decide how many to make. Then she tweaked the artwork file for the small shapes to add new ones that she wanted and placed an order.

Cutting geometric shapes

MDF doesn’t look like the most inspiring material, but it’s good value and cuts well as you can see in the video below. The shapes didn’t look very exciting in plain MDF, but they look fantastic when painted and assembled into Sarah’s clocks.

The two pictures above are two of the designs she makes. You can see more of them on Sarah’s Attic homewares page.


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