Laser cut card window display

Laser cut card window display

Emily from Wolffe Design needed help with creating a window display for Hamilton & Inches. They wanted a fresh, summery feel for their display windows at their George Street jewellery shop in Edinburgh.

Emily was designing some pieces to be laser cut from lilac and gold card to be suspended or propped up in the windows. She asked if I could help make them. Contrasting pink decals would be applied to the window exteriors.

Making the artwork robust

Paper and card are quite delicate materials that can tear easily. This makes it even more important that designs cut from them are robust as they could be easily destroyed or soiled during shipping, installation or handling.

Emily said that the finest parts of the floral design would be 2mm wide minimum with many being wider than that as I recommended. They’d be out of reach of people once installed.

The gold tear drops were less of a problem due to their shape.

Paper pitfalls

Sometimes with very light colours of card, there can be a little brown haze around the laser cut edges. It’s created by the burning nature of the process. Some colours like white or cream show this up worse than other shades like dove grey. I warned Emily about this, and we looked out for this problem when I made the prototypes.

Thankfully the lilac and gold were unaffected. Sometimes you don’t know until you try! Prototyping can help iron out niggles like this before a design or colour scheme is committed to.

Gorgeous summery display

Wolffe and Hamilton & Inches were really pleased with their window displays. The delicate lines and summery colours complimented each other really well.

I love seeing my work on such public display. Often, I just see what I’ve made in an unfinished state in my workshop rather than the final product. I loved popping along to admire them!


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