Business anniversary decorations

Business anniversary decorations

When The Malting House reached its 18th birthday, Wendy Maltman the business founder contacted me. She had the idea of sending whisky bottle shaped decorations to their customers. And this was the perfect business birthday to do it!


Whisky bottles are very distinctive. Laser cut decorations are fun and playful and when made from robust ply, can be cut into all kinds of shapes.

She designed a bottle shape and the text she wanted. Then she sent the artwork to me as a pdf file in vector format, perfect for what I needed.

I couldn’t resist making a prototype to see how it looked. I made two (the two 0n the left below), one with lighter engraving and the other with deeper, darker engraving, reminiscent of branding on whisky cask ends, and sent a photo to Wendy for feedback.

Tweaking the design

The prototypes

Wendy loved the prototypes and particularly loved the darker engraving. But she decided she wanted to add some cut out detail. It would add interest to the bottle label and split up the text better.

I directed Wendy to the ‘Designing artwork for laser cutting’ blog on my website which describes some pitfalls of laser cutting fine detail. It helped her decide how much detail was sensible.

A third prototype (third from the left above) showed that the top scroll cut outs weren’t robust enough. She made them simpler and it was perfect. It just shows how important it is to test some designs. You don’t want bits breaking off in the post!

Happy business anniversary!

Wendy and her colleagues were delighted. The top picture is of the decorations tied with jute string to their customer Christmas cards  last year.

Business decoration on Christmas tree

Decorations like this work really well as people find them fun, and they help keep you in customers’ minds all year round. Designs can double up as keyrings too so you can make designs work even harder for you.


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