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Personalised axes as leaving gifts

Personalised axes as leaving gifts

Gordon from 152 Medical Squadron brought me two beautiful Gransfors Bruk axes. He wanted me to engrave them as personalised leaving gifts for one of the group.

Useful and beautiful leaving gifts

The Squadron wanted something really special that their colleague would love and remember them by each time he used them. They decided on top quality axes from Sweden! A larger log splitter would be perfect for cutting logs for the stove at home, and he could take a small, light hatchet on his regular hiking and camping trips.

Gordon wanted both axes engraved on the wooden handles so when they were being used or hanging on the shed wall, they’d make the recipient smile. And laugh!

Small hatchet
Small hatchet

Personalising the axes

Gordon wanted the Royal Army Medical Corps regimental motto ‘In Arduis Fidelis’, meaning ‘Faithful In Adversity’ engraved on the log splitter. On the hatchet, he wanted one of his colleague’s choice turns of phrase that he was well known for. There were so many, it took a while to decide which one to choose!

He really wanted to watch the axes being engraved, so he brought them to the workshop.

Where is it best to engrave an axe?

I’ve engraved Gransfors Bruk axes before. That time, the customer wanted the leather  head covers engraved with initials.

This time, Gordon wanted the wooden axe shafts to be engraved. As the handles are relatively straight and have a gentle curve, I knew this would give good results and the text would have an attractive 3D effect.

Engraving wooden axe shafts

Once we’d double checked the Latin spelling, I set up the artwork. Gordon really liked the Algerian font we’d used to engrave some cask ends, and we agreed that it would suit them well.

I scaled the text to keep the engravings on the relatively flat area on the spines of the shafts. As the shafts have the Gransfors Bruk logo on one side, we engraved the other sides so only the text or the logo would be seen.

Gordon was delighted with the engravings and couldn’t contain his excitement for the presentation a couple of weeks later!


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