Feedspot’s Top 40 Laser Cutting Blogs

Feedspot's Top 40 Laser Cutting Blogs

Feedspot is a website that allows people to follow their favourite blogs in one place. They also compile lists of blogs in a range of categories.

Last week, they published a list of the Top 40 Laser Cutting Blogs and Websites on Laser Cutting, Engraving, Marking and Etching. You can find here. Anuj Agarwal, Feedspot’s founder, sent me an email to let me know that LaserFlair was included. He made my day!

Laser cutting blogs from around the world

There are blogs from the UK, the US, Russia and China. Some are by companies that specialise in cutting metal, and others are by people who make their own craft products.

Laser cutting blog

Why I started blogging

I work on such a variety of projects using such a wide range of materials. Anything from fishing reels to jigsaws, beard trimming scissors to pianos! I love the variety and every day is different.

Blogging is such a great way of showing what LaserFlair can do. It helps me to demonstrate how I help customers to create the products they want. I can explain how we select materials and get the artwork right. And I can share photos and videos of the work in process and the end results. It can be hard for readers to imagine, and a picture tells a thousand words.

Customers and friends are always commenting on recent projects I’ve blogged about. They’re amazed at the variety of products that the same laser machine can create.

Every project is unique, and each collaboration is different. Blogging helps me keep readers up to date with what I’m doing, and allows me to share our customers’ stories if they are happy with that. They usually are!

International recognition

So I’m really pleased that my blog has had international recognition. Thankyou Feedspot! It’s much appreciated.