Oak signs for Cambo Estate

oak signs for Cambo Estate

Struan and Frances from Cambo Estate near St Andrews wanted to give their estate signage a complete makeover. They liked the idea of using oak from their own trees and laser engraving them. I was delighted when they approached me to ask if we could help.

Beautiful new logo

After a complete rebrand of the estate, Struan and Frances were ready to proceed. They emailed the artwork for the signs to me and brought lots of oak sign blanks to the workshop, prepared by Frazer Reid of FAR Cabinet Makers. The oak came in three sizes – the largest pieces were for signs at the main gate, and the medium and smaller ones were for cottages and farms. All were beautifully sanded with sweetened edges. Oak engraves so beautifully, so I knew that these signs would be very special.

Sign artwork

Cambo Estate’s logo is very beautiful and highly detailed. It was a challenge to engrave on the key fobs as they were so small, but on large pieces of wood, it would look fantastic and every detail from the helmet to the wheatsheaf would be clear.

Steve More is an artist, and he created all the artwork for the signs. We had discussed in detail how I needed the artwork to be supplied. He created black and white vector files that were perfect for the job.

Engraving the oak signs

Struan and Frances wanted the signs to be raster engraved to give the logo and text maximum impact. Oak is a dense wood which means that engraving is never going to be very deep, but engraved areas are dark which gives great contrast against the unengraved wood.  After engraving, Struan lightly sanded and treated the signs before installing them.

Cambo gateway

Kingsbarns Distillery sign

Kingsbarns Distillery is just next door to Cambo Estate. There’s a gate that leads off the Kingsbarns Golf Links onto a path that goes through Cambo Estate to the distillery. They wanted a sign to match the Cambo signs to direct coastal path walkers to the distillery.

Karen emailed me their artwork, Frazer prepared the oak for the sign, and I engraved it. Kingsbarns Distillery’s logo  is packed with detail, and it all engraved beautifully. Their new sign looks great alongside Cambo’s sign on the golf course gate.

Kingsbarns Distillery oak sign