Laser cut rubber letters for sandblasting project

laser cut rubber letters for sandblasting project

Robbie Schneider is a text designer and letter sculptor. He undertakes commissions in many materials including stone and bronze.

Cautionary tale

He wanted to sandblast a boulder with text written by Alan MacGillivray based on the story from Greek mythology about Sisyphus, condemned to roll a boulder uphill for eternity.

Sandblasting masks

Robbie selected a boulder from a beach on the north coast of Scotland. He decided to experiment with a self adhesive rubber which he could stick onto the boulder prior to sandblasting. Hopefully, the letters would protect those areas on the boulder that they were stuck onto. The stone around the letters would be removed,  leaving the letters in relief on the boulder.

He asked LaserFlair if we could cut the letters from this self adhesive rubber. We performed some trials and found that it laser cut very well.

Cutting the letters

Robbie provided vector artwork for the laser to follow to cut the letters. The text cut beautifully and Robbie’s plan worked perfectly.

The adhesive on the letters was strong enough to hold the letters in place accurately on the boulder. And the rubber withstood the sandblasting process long enough to allow a pleasing 3D effect to be created. The results are beautiful with very crisp detail around the letters.