Components for Enduro World Series trophies

components for Enduro World Series trophies

Simon Muir is a furniture maker based in Edinburgh. He’s also a bike racer and has made the trophies for the Enduro World Series annual mountain biking race since it started several years ago. It combines downhill, uphill and cross country stages in eight locations across North America, Europe and New Zealand.

Each year, Simon adds a fresh twist to his beautiful wooden trophies. This year, he decided on laser cutting and engraving and approached LaserFlair for help.

Design elements

Simon used tulip wood for the champions’ trophies and walnut for the runners up. He wanted all the champions’ tulip wood trophy bases to be laser engraved with the names of all the race stage. They engraved beautifully with lovely contrast as tulip wood is pale.

Each trophy had a mountain range laser cut and engraved from laser plywood with contour lines and the EWS logo. Simon mounted these by inserting them into grooves on the trophy bases. To complete each trophy, he wanted the EWS logo and the award laser engraved on strips of tulip or walnut strips to match the trophy bases.

Finally, Simon added his trademark wooden mudguards bent into a wheel shape mounted into the champions’ trophy bases.