Can supply my own materials?

Can I supply my own materials?

This is a question that customers ask, and it’s something that I’m very flexible about. If you’d like to supply your own, that’s fine by me. I can just quote for production time and the one off artwork set up fee.

Each customer and each project are different, and I’m happy to be flexible to help customers create the products they want. Hopefully this blog will help you understand what we need to think about and give you some inspiration too.

What materials does LaserFlair stock?

I stock and can quickly source laser ply and mdf from 2 to 9mm thick. This makes sense for me as I use them for lots of different jobs from golf bag tags to geese shown in the video below.

Perspex in black, white and clear are standard, so they’re easy for me to order, unless you want a matt, glitter or frosted material.

I work with a couple of furniture makers who provide wood for signs and other applications. And The Just Slate Company in Kirkcaldy supply high quality slate coasters and cheeseboards that make great corporate gifts when engraved.

Very specific requirements

Some materials have lots of options to choose from. Paper and card come in so many thicknesses, colours, textures and sheet sizes, as do Perspex and formica.

Materials like leather also come in a range of finishes . Some customers want them treated with specific dyes like vegetable variants. Leather can have so many textures, thicknesses and finishes on both sides of the product.

In cases like these, it’s safest for customers to order what they want. I’m happy for the materials to be sent directly to me to save time and postage costs. Or sometimes, customers want to bring them to my workshop and watch them being processed.

Something completely different

I’ve successfully engraved axes, drumsticks (top picture), cocktail keys, wooden tankards, stainless steel hipflasks  and leather aprons that customers have brought to me, aswell as cheeseboards and coasters, toy boxes and signs.

Brides have ordered coasters or pieces of wood they want engraved for favours and table settings. They’ve even brought large pieces of wood sourced from furniture makers as wedding logs that their guests can sign around an engraving of their names and wedding date.

A small question of VAT

LaserFlair is not VAT registered. If you are, another benefit of buying your own materials can save you money as you can claim VAT back. If I bought them, I’d need to absorb the VAT and pass it on to you.


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