Acrylic parts for Kathryn Williamson jewellery

acrylic parts for Kathryn Williamson jewellery

Kathryn Williamson is a jewellery maker and teacher in Pittenweem. Her jewellery is inspired by her personal treasure trove. It combines enamel, found pottery, acrylic and occasionally semi precious stones with textured or etched silver shapes.

She wanted to add laser cut and engraved coloured acrylic pieces to complement her Beach Walk and Treasure Trove ranges and commissioned LaserFlair to make the pieces in drop and circle shapes.

Getting the fit right

Circular pieces were easy to get right being regular in shape. Drop shapes were far more challenging because of their irregularity. They need to fit snugly into precast silver casings. We had to adjust the artwork very carefully and cut lots of samples to test them for fit before Kathryn was pleased with the results. Once the artwork for the shapes was correct, it was easy to adjust the engraving artwork. When everything was just right, we cut and engraved the shapes from six translucent colours of acrylic.

Kathryn was awarded a Highly Commended by Craft Scotland for her Beach Pebble Stack Pendant at Scotland’s Trade Fair at Glasgow in 2016. She won a similar award this year at the same event.

Congratulations Kathryn!