Acrylic artwork for Robbie Schneider

acrylic artwork for Robbie Schneider

Robbie Schneider is a lettering sculptor. LaserFlair worked with him on a project in which he collaborated with the writer Stuart Delves.

New materials for new effects

Robbie wanted to create a 3D piece in which he could build up layers of acrylic to look like printed text. Working with acrylic was new for him. He was excited about the range of colours available and the shapes that laser cutting makes possible.


Bespoke font

He decided to use four layers of grey and white acrylic for this piece. Creating a greyscale effect would be restful on the eye.  Robbie commissioned LaserFlair to laser cut the shapes and text using his artwork. He designed the lettering and it’s one of his trademark fonts.

Robbie provided the artwork for laser cutting and engraving in vector format so there was one single outline cut around each word and shape. The grey and white text pieces were fine but not too fragile as acrylic is robust. We also vector engraved a single kiss cut on the top white layer of text that doesn’t show up in the picture. It is so fine that it is best noticed when the light catches it.

Robbie collected the pieces and assembled and glued everything together himself. He exhibited the piece at the ’26 Words: Exploring the DNA of Language’ exhibition in London in early 2014.