Whats been happening since Septembers takeover!

Whats been happening since Septembers takeover!


I’ve been very bad at blogging, well non existent really!  Just thought I’d introduce myself, to those customers I’ve not met or talked to Hi!

I’m Kirsty and am delighted to have taken over LaserFlair at the beginning of September but what a whirlwind these last three months have been!

This is me!

Once the machine was up and running, I had about a day to get to grips before the first order had to be despatched – in at the deep end and didn’t sink so all good! The rest of September is a bit of a blur with steep learning curves.

October saw the opening of The Bothy Project which we did the interpretation boards for.  All made from quarter sawn Scottish Oak, these boards were A1 size and looked fantastic once all finished with the hard wax oil.  Quarter sawn timber tends to behave better and be more dimensionally stable than normal cuts of timber.

Interpretation Boards for The bothy project



November was all about getting some of my clients ready for Christmas markets and stocking up repeat orders, with quite a lot of work in perspex.

Now I can’t quite believe we are in December and its a tad quieter, I can catch up on some furniture projects I have on the go.

Along with the usual Christmas market madness,  I’ve been able to do some experiments with other materials too which is exciting for me.

3D christmas ornament


What’s Next

For the most part things won’t change, custom orders will be the main part of the business but I will continue to trial new materials and work out how to incorporate the laser into my furniture business even more.  Its a slightly untapped resource that I need to get the grips with – lots of exciting plans on the go, just need to get on with them now.

The main benefit so far has been the ability to make any sort of template I want.  I have used MDF for a gate porthole – usually a bit of a head scratch to get the layout exactly right but on the laser it took a very short time from drawing to having the template in my hand.

Gate with porthole

Glass made by the very lovely Kay from Shedheaven https://www.instagram.com/p/Cl3zQh6qIOW/


There are many templates to be made, perspex is very useful for these and able to be engraved on the reverse making it ideal for templates.

Christmas holiday hours will be subject to orders, if you’ve got any urgent projects and Santa’s not on his way I should be able to accommodate.

But if we don’t speak before the holidays, make sure its a good one!



Merry Christmas