Contract manufacturing

contract manufacturing

LaserFlair is a laser cutting and engraving company in Fife. We specialise in contract manufacturing and create bespoke products from a range of materials. Our customers include distilleries, artists, engineering and technology companies, branding agencies, car manufacturers, jewellery and furniture makers.

Expert advice

As your manufacturing team, we are happy to advise on artwork, product robustness and the best materials for the job. We can suggest ideas to get the best from a design to ensure that production is efficient, keeping quality consistent and costs viable. We see it as our duty to flag up potential issues before they affect production. Measure twice, cut once as they say.

Production capacity

We are set up for large and small production runs. Our 100W laser has a height adjustable 1200 x 800mm cutting bed. The combination of the power of the laser and the size of the cutting bed make it extremely versatile. We can cut a range of materials from delicate papers through to 7 to 10mm thick acrylic, wood and mdf in large sheets. Our set up allows us to cut wood cleanly in one pass. We quote for either production only or materials and production depending on the material required. Stocks of materials can be held for some customers.


We work with over 60 artwork file types including ai, pdf, eps, svg, dxf, bmp, jpg and png. Our top tips for artwork preparation are here

Why work with us?

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, high quality service and we bend over backwards to meet your deadlines. All of the work is manufactured in our premises in Fife and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and prompt turnaround times.

Contact us to discuss how we could work with you to give your products the edge.