I’ve sold LaserFlair to SK Furniture

I've sold LaserFlair to SK Furniture

Big news! I’ve sold LaserFlair to Kirsty Macdonald of SK Furniture Design. We’re handing over on the 1st September – only two days away!

Introducing Kirsty

Kirsty’s been a customer for several years. We’ve worked closely on several projects, and she’s supplied me with beautiful oak for signs and other items. She’s friendly, efficient, communicates well and is an excellent collaborator.

She has a unit in Leven, and appreciates how much local people love a local service, being one herself. She’d been looking for a way to diversify in a way that complements her business, and this is a great opportunity for her to do so.

Kirsty has a similar background to me – product development and manufacturing. She’s used to working with different materials and has good problem solving skills and spatial awareness which are really important. My business ethos has been prompt response to customers, clarity in communication and delivering when I say I will. Kirsty has a very similar approach.

It makes me so happy that LaserFlair is carrying on and that Kirsty will be the one to do that. I have every confidence that LaserFlair and my lovely customers will be in safe hands.

Oak and leather menu boards
Oak and leather menu boards I made with Kirsty for Butterscotch Design for Homefield Grange

How did the sale happen?

I never thought I’d be able to sell LaserFlair. I hadn’t set it up with that in mind.
Kirsty knew we were planning to sell the house and move, and wondered what I’d be doing with LaserFlair. When I sent an email to my customers about my plans, she messaged me within minutes to tell me she was not only interested in the laser, but in the business too! This was wonderful news for me. I wrote her a proposal that she thought it was fair. We shook on it a few days later.
Since then, Kirsty’s spent lots of time with me in the workshop, learning how to clean and set up the machine, and making orders under my supervision. She’s engraved olivewood cheeseboards for The Cheese Lady, made perspex quilting templates for Pappersaxsten and cut lots of Kate Millbank‘s plywood bird decorations. She’s taking to it like a duck to water and she’s built her confidence with the laser and knowledge of the business quickly. She will pick up where I leave off.
Kate Millbank’s hanging blackbird decorations

What’s next for me?

My husband and I are relocating to the Isle of Man for a new adventure. It’s time for a change. I’m a director in Dyno Spectrum Ltd, a business that John set up with his US business partner Mitch three years ago. So I’ll still have my usual duties there, and I have something to keep me out of mischief!
I’d like to set up a new business, though. I’ve loved having my own business. The IOM is always trying to attract people with skills, so I’m hoping there will be interesting people and businesses who may find me useful! One thing’s for sure – I’ll find the process much easier and more fun than last time when I had no idea what I was doing! And I’m really excited about it, knowing that LaserFlair is in excellent hands.