All about the birds!

All About the Birds!

This month has been all about the Birds!  Puffins, Starlings, Swallows, Robins and a few more animals in the mix!



These products start their life with me and then fly off home to get printed, painted and made to look absolutely fabulous by the artists I cut them for.

Swallows for Hawksbury Print   








Images courtesy of Hawksbury Print








Puffin Rain Drop for Pink Fish Shetland

We’ve been working with some lovely new customers as well as existing ones.  The jobs are so varied as well as making some furniture in the process…

Summer Holidays!

Summer holidays are a big juggling act with 2 kids still at home but we’re half way through.. Yay!


Thinking ahead!

I know its a bit early to be talking the C word but its actually creeping up – so if your thinking of doing some custom cutting and engraving for it, we start booking our December slots next month.  I have actually started some development work for one of my very organised clients!

Some very lovely products were produced last year as well as trialling 3D type designs.

3D christmas ornament

Its now 10 months since I took over from Jane and what a journey its been.  I’m hoping to now get some time to experiment, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of what the machine can do.  Every days a school day as they say!

Exciting times ahead.